Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Supporting Muslim Brothers: How Some Leftists Betray the Muslim Left

Wake Up US Left....!

One of the first concern a Third World leftist to observe within the US Left movement is their misunderstanding of the political map of immigrants and refugees world in the US. To the contrary, a leftist from that part of the globe is always aware of the political/religious map of the US even before they land here. 

What frustrate liberal Muslims from these categories, Refugee and Immigrant, is how a large sector of the US Left is siding with the conservative Muslims and not the Liberals. The Liberals left their countries mainly because persecution by conservative policies that forced on them by conservative political religious/groups like Muslim Brothers (see logo above) and their affiliates in the Untied States

However, they see their supposedly allies in the US are taking the side of their perpetrators. This was clear during massive peace movement against the war in Iraq back in 2003, where Left orgs sided with or preferred to deal with conservative right-wing Muslim groups like Council on American–Islamic Relations North American Islamic TrustIslamic Society of North AmericaMuslim American Society, etc.    

Liberal Muslim activists and Orgs (such as Muslims for Progressive Values and its predecessor PMU) were usually coming second for the US Left. This is mainly because some of the conservative Muslim groups were not happy with advocated liberal ideas of the Muslim Left that were calling for a different interpretation of the Holy Book of Quran (such as Asra Nomani). 

A liberal immigrant/refugee manage to read the political map very clearly. He/she easily identifies the right wing groups (political and religious) and publicly criticizes them with no fear. We attack Rush Limbaugh  even he airs lot of materials against Muslim Brothers in Egypt or Sudan, for example.   Why not the US Liberals (well, some to be accurate) don't see how wrong they are betraying their comrades in the Third World? 

My Enemy's Enemy should not be my Friend !

I discussed this concern with many Leftists in Philly and Amherst and most of the time they don't get it !
Is this difficult to understand?! You understand what are these conservatives are doing to liberal muslims back in countries they are in control? Fo God sake they are killing people for having liberal views you enjoy here and consider your basic right !!

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